REGD NO. CTC/4044:245 OF 1985-86
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Founder Members of The Association
Prof Raj Kishor Das        Prof Jogindra Mohan Senapati        Prof Banchhanidhi Parida        Prof Basant Mardaraj
       President                        Vice president                        General Secretary                        Treasurer

This site is designed by Dr. Umakant Satapathy, Associate Professor, Physiology on behalf of the Association of The Physiologists of Orissa for proper co-ordination, cooperation &  long life of APO.
Life Members
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The registration for the life membership started by converting all the annual members to life members
with a fee of Rs.35/-. Subsequently in the year1987 the lifemembership fees was increased to Rs.250/- and
now it has reached to Rs 1000/-. The number of life members increased to 81 by 2007. This shows the
unity and interest of members in the Association.
Prof Bipin Bihari Pradhan
The man behind the reformation of Association
Life Members
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Prof Ramaraman Mohanty
Man behind coordinating the reformation of Association
Dr Umakant Satapathy
The man behind the renovation & updating of Association activities