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This site is designed by Dr. Umakant Satapathy, Associate Professor, Physiology on behalf of the Association of The Physiologists of Orissa for proper co-ordination, cooperation &  long life of APO.
Dr. Umakant Satapathy  (Identity)

       Born on 1st May 1961, completed the high school in 1976 from Vanivihar High School, Bhubaneswar. Was awarded a Samant Chandrasekhar award for securing highest mark in science in High School Certificate Examination in 1976.  Had a great interest in electronics, photography, gardening. Undergone a diploma in electronics from Calcutta. Completed the electronics alongwith the MBBS course. Done post graduation in Physiology in 1998 and joined the Orissa Medical Education Service as Lecturer in 2000. Completed the PG Diploma in Maternity & Child Health in 2001.
       Computer as a basic need of all profession was well understood and learned computer by starting to operate computer by self.
       For the future and proper co-ordination of the Association of the Physiologists of Orissa appart from many other things one web site was barely needed to share all the facts & rules of the Association among the members. Hence effort was made to design a web site of the Association. Finaly in 2007 December the web site was prepared and uploaded to net with web address as

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